Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2012, The Lake Dillon Theatre Company completed its Strategic Plan that would steer the organization for the next 5-8 years.   This six month process was accomplished through the hard work of its nine committee members consisting of 3 executive board members, 2 at-large members, 2 donors, 2 staff members and our moderator.   Through the committees determination and the assistance from the remaining board of directors, the LDTC has a clear mechanism to direct the organization into the future.   


The Lake Dillon Theatre Company is a professional theatre committed to enhancing the quality of life in Summit County and the Colorado Front Range by providing unique and accessible cultural experiences through the Performing Arts. We increase imagination, engagement and empathy in our community through our performance, educational and outreach programing.


By 2020, the Lake Dillon Theatre Company will become a destination, regional theatre recognized for its quality and variety of work, unique character, and intimate experience while having achieved financial stability.
Our vision includes expanded facilities, broadened theatre programming, and enhanced performing arts education accomplished through increased community, corporate, and foundation partnerships.



The LDTC will continue to earn the respect of our community. We are committed to financial transparency and maintaining public trust. We act with honesty and adhere to our artistic integrity and our community's values.


The LDTC builds relationships, provides opportunities and offers cultural education to create and sustain a vibrant performing arts environment. Our impact is measured in ticket sales, industry recognition, structured feedback and support we receive from patrons, donors, businesses, volunteers, and our community.


From the boardroom through the office to the stage, the LDTC focuses on a culture of professionalism. Our management team creates high quality by integrating professional directors, actors, designers, technicians, musicians, and educators into our programs.


Our welcoming environment and black box theater offer a unique, shared theatrical experience between audience and artists. The LDTC Board of Directors, staff, and creative artists believe intimacy refers to the total experience. Intimacy is not just what we do; it is who we are.

Diversity of Programming:

The LDTC strives to produce a season with enriching experiences for everyone including a theatrical season of comedies, dramas, musicals, and provocative theatre plus a diverse program of concerts, educational opportunities and community outreach.



The LDTC will define and implement a financially sustainable business model.


  1. By October 2012, we will maintain our financial records according to generally accepted accounting principles.
  2. By December 2012, develop a 2013 budget and cash flow projection process that will allow the board and management to accurately track revenue and expenses by production and/or activity on a timely basis.
  3. By January 2013, improve the process for accounting for all donations (including non- monetary donations).
  4. By December 2013, develop a three-year budget beginning with fiscal year 2014.
  5. By December 2013, budgets will be established with a surplus for 2014.
  6. By December 2014 and beyond, budgets will be established with a surplus of $75,000 or above.
  7. By December2016, establish a reserve of $250,000.


The LDTC will define and implement a financially sustainable fundraising strategy.


  1. By December2012, develop a comprehensive fundraising action plan for LDTC.
  2. By December 2012, develop and implement a program for local, small business partnerships.
  3. By July 2013, increase corporate support to $25,000 from local businesses.
  4. By December 2013, increase federal and state funding support by $25,000.
  5. By December 2013, increase individual donations by 50% through our new funding initiative, the "Star Circle" Campaign.
  6. By May 2014, establish endowment and bequest funding programs.
  7. By July 2014, identify and increase foundation support by $75,000.
  8. By December 2014, increase OVATION ad sales by 50%.
  9. By December 2015, increase corporate support from regional and national corporations by $100,000.


The LDTC will evaluate and establish a programming plan that fulfills our mission and supports our vision.


  1. By March 2013, become a "Small Professional Theater" (Level 3) Equity House.
  2. By May 2014, increase participation in adult education initiatives by 50%.
  3. By January 2014, evaluate and determine the success, purpose, and priority of the LDTC Summer Repertory Program and year-round Theatre Programming.
  4. By August 2014, increase enrollment and scholarships in our YTW programs by 25%
  5. By December 2015, identify and implement up to 3 outreach programs that help to better fulfill our mission.


The LDTC will increase audience awareness, diversity, and patronage through a fully developed public relations, marketing and branding strategy.


  1. By December 2013, increase the LDTC's artistic affiliations to better position ourselves as a professional performing arts organization.
  2. By December 2014, develop a marketing and branding action plan for establishing the LDTC as a "regional, destination" theater.
  3. By December 2014, increase the marketing budget by 100%.
  4. By December 2014, increase overall ticket sales by 35%.
  5. By December 2015, increase diversity of patrons (age, income, ethnicity, primary residence).


The LDTC Board will enhance its effectiveness.


  1. By December 2012, the Board will evaluate its current size and structure of governance.
  2. By December 2012, the Board will evaluate committee structures and processes and create charters for each committee.
  3. By December 2012, the Board will identify necessary skills and set expectations for board members based on the needs of LDTC governance.
  4. By December 2012, the Board will develop and approve a self evaluation for board members.
  5. By December 2012, the Staff will develop a board approved annual evaluation for senior staff.
  6. By March 2013, the Board will identify future board members based on the skills and new expectations.
  7. By December 2013, the Board will be actively involved in fundraising efforts.
  8. By December 2013, the Staff will develop a board approved staff succession plan.
  9. By December 2013, the Staff will develop a board approved professional development strategy for staff and board members.
  10. By December 2013, the Board will establish and approve a succession plan for board members.


The LDTC will expand facilities to support patron and programming growth.


  1. By December 2012, establish a communication plan regarding expansion for LDTC representatives to use when asked about expansion.
  2. By December 2015, the Staff will develop a facility plan based on an economic and funding feasibility study. We will maintain "intimacy" while adding much needed storage, office, rehearsal, shop, and performance space.
  3. By June 2016, update the fundraising strategy and launch a Capital Campaign.
  4. By December 2018, implement a capital expansion project.


*  This Strategic Plan is updated each year by the staff and board of directors at our annual retreat. 

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